Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in the States

We arrived back in the states in November. I am now at Lords Ranch in Newport, Washington. A recovery and discipleship ministry which houses 40 plus men with another 10 men living in Colville, Wa. in a church that we are using as a bible school and transitional housing. As ministry director of the Lords Ranch I have responsible for the daily operations of the ministry. Since my return I have been teaching numerous bible studies here every week.

The men here have opportunity to work with the horses which we train and ride, as they do we see joy, trust and responsibility restored into their lives. I am also involved on a personal level with the men here and am available for counsel and prayer at all times. From the Lord’s Ranch we send out teams weekly that go to the streets of Spokane to evangelize, share the love of God and their faith in Him

We take men from here at least once a month go to Seattle to share their faith in Christ Jesus and give out food to the homeless. That is just part of the training the men receive here at the Lord’s Ranch to prepare them for ministry. Another is that Matt Mixon one of the ministers is working with the men here, to do their second One Focus Youth Gathering (

Right now were in the process of putting together a mission’s team to go to Romania & Turkey this summer. Our plan is to establish a ministry base in Constanta, Romania. From there we will do friendship evangelism in the area, connecting also with other local ministries to team up and assist in sharing the Good News of our Savior. We will also be doing outreaches to the town’s and villages predominately reaching out to the Gypsy and Turkish communities. From our base we will be taking trips into Turkey. Currently we are helping individuals apply for their passports for the trip.

We have been fund raising also I have had the opportunity speak at four different churches and attended a missionary conference at another in the last couple months. Sharing our vision and inviting them to join us in prayer, support or to go over sea’s with us. I also extend an invitation to you to team up with us in expanding the Kingdom in the hearts and lives of all people.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Labors of His Love

I Praise God for the opportunities he has given us on this trip to minister and share His love. At times it is overwhelming the need of the gospel here and the needs of the people. We went out to the streets tuesday evening, God went before us and led us and we had divine appointments to share his love. Just to go out to the streets and say hello and shake their hands to pray for them, to listen and let them know that someone cares. Just the little things are expressions of Gods love. I had the opportunity on Thursday to go to a drop in center they have once a week for people living on the streets, it was teenagers that came and it was good, as we served them a meal, then we worshipped God and someone shared, I also shared with a few of them and had the opportunity to pray, I really felt God move as I was praying, it was an awsome blessing. This picture is of Doniel, he was one of the young people at the out reach. People on the streets here don't have all the resources to help them as we do in America. It is a difficult situation for them. I just encourage you to pray for them and us that God will give us many open doors to share His love.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Minstry Update

I am here in Constanta, Romania with Pam and Don. God has been awesome in His faithfulness to open doors for us to meet and have fellowship with fellow believers in this area. We have also had numerous opportunities to go on outreaches to mostly Gypsy children in the outlining areas and many situations here where we have been able to share the good news. It is blessing to see people touched by the love of God. So many in this area have never even heard the gospel, the need is so great. Many of the nearby villages here have large Turkish and Gypsy populations. Our prayer is that God would continue to open more doors for us to go into these villages to share his love. Our purpose here in Constanta is to do ministry and to see what it will take for us to bring a team here early next spring to set up a missions base. We are planning, God willing to spend another month here in Constanta, then go into Turkey before returning home.